What the Faithful Say About the Heralds

This section contains testimonies and opinions about the programs, courses and activities developed by the Heralds. Write to us, your opinion is very important!

“Wow, this is very good! I am learning more and more, thank you for teaching us. It’s as though I didn’t understand anything and now the light of understanding is open.”

Iolanda de Souza

“Thank God I providentially discovered this wonderful channel! Praise God! God bless you every day and greatly!”

Daguima Veronica

“Gratitude, my God for all that I have in my life, gratitude to the Heralds of the Gospel. You are angels on earth!”

Benedita Cabral

“We will spend all eternity knowing Our Lady! And the Heralds give us the grace to begin to savor that knowledge already here on earth!”

Nancy Souza

“I am so impressed with the meditations that the priest does. Always so intelligent and deep. It is remarkable how he is inspired to speak to us so well! May God bless and protect us all!”

Maria Lins

“Father, this program is so wonderful. It is fundamental for our lives. We are learning and sanctifying ourselves more and more. These apostolates of the Heralds will save many souls. We are redoing the Catechism. Thank you very much! May Our Lady give you triple everything. Salve Maria!”

Celso Gomes da Silva

“Phenomenal! Thank you Heralds of the Gospel for forming us so richly.”

Emanuele Secundino

“Gratitude!!! This is the word I have to describe the great good that all the Herald Fathers are giving us. May Our Lady fill them with sanctifying graces!!!! And long live Monsignor João Clá Dias!!!”

Ana Rodrigues

“The Heralds make me dream of Heaven!”

Roberta Xavier

“The Heralds, are the light in this world, (…) you are the comfort for us Catholics in this difficult time. God bless all of you, Heralds! We need and love you very much.”

Marinete Conway

“How beautiful. Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ for these holy priests, with hearts so committed and consecrated to Our Lady!”

Luiza De Paula Lura

“What wonderful devotion the Heralds have to Our Lady that awakens such beauties as these programs! I love the Heralds!”

Lilian Marques

“Thank you Monsignor João for forming and educating these angelic priests. Thank you for keeping the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church alive among us.”

Antonio Domingos Sulzbach de Aguiar

“The course was excellent. The priest’s words were engraved in my mind and in my heart. I am very grateful for the moments of great spirituality that he offered us. I am every day more devoted to Our Lady and I surrender myself to Jesus through her hands.”

Carmem Fatima

“What a joy to be able to contemplate the charism of the Heralds of the Gospel. How much good this association has done since its foundation. Only in eternity will we be able to contemplate so much goodness of God and of Our Lady for this work and for its founder, Monsignor João, with all the gifts he possesses, his integrity and uprightness. May the Heralds grow each day. For the world needs these examples.”

Ruy Hudson

“The Heralds are wonderful. They are the hope for the Catholic Church to stand immune to the world.”


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