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The present Terms of Use and Policy of Privacy (from now on, the “Terms”) have as objective to control the access and use of “reconquest.heralds.org” placed at disposition and held by Heralds of The Gospel Foundation Inc, at 13611 SW 75th St., Miami, Florida, FL 33183, USA, EIN number 200170689, designated in this document as by Heralds Foundation.


Acceptance of the Terms

The acceptance of the Terms by the User is indispensable to access and use the functions of the Site, which has to be expressed selecting the check box corresponding to the option “ACCEPT”, at registering, or chosing any option, for access, donation or subscription of access to products and subsequent interaction in organized actions by Heralds Foundation, opportunity in which the User will show their free, express and informed consent, undivided, about the content of these Terms.

Through the Site, you (from now on “User”) will have access to information and content related with the actions of Heralds Foundation, being able to make donations to Heralds Foundation or having access to courses included in the subscription that the User has paid for.

The User understands that, upon registering on the Heralds Foundation Website and accepting these Terms, they declare themselves able to use the given content, as well as to make donations, and that, by their own initiative, accept and are responsible for the information sent to the Site.


Access and Availability of the Site

To be able to use all the functionalities of the Heralds Foundation Website, mainly the possibility to make donation and to have access to the courses included in their subscription, it is necessary that the User make their registration and submit mandatory registry information, such as (but not limited to) name, email and other requested information at the moment of registration.

The User, when registering on the Site, recognizes being older than 18 (eighteen) years old and has civil capacity, in the terms of the law.

Heralds Foundation reserves the right to include, retire, or change any aspect and/or content of its Site, being able to suspend it or cancel it temporarily, to its own exclusive judgement and at any time, independently of prior notice to the User. Likewise, it can modify the Terms, which last versions will be always available for consultation on the Site.

Heralds Foundation reserves the right, without prior notice, to cancel and/or block the access to the User at any time, if it is determined that the User has made an act or maintain a behaviour that: i) Infringes the local laws or the ones of their residence; ii) Violates the rules of this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy; and/or iii) Infringes the principles of morality and good customs.


Rules for the Use of Services of the Heralds Foundation Website

By accepting these Terms, the User declares that:

  1. I) Having into account that they are the only and exclusive responsible for the information given, at accessing the Site, registration in promotional actions and make donations and purchases to Heralds Foundation, being responsible, even before third party, of damage or detriment, losses resulting from incorrect, incomplete or false information published in the Site;
  2. II) Recognizes that, by their own initiative, accept and make themselves responsible of the information submitted to the Heralds Foundation Website, answering for any complaint that can be presented to Heralds Foundation, legal or non legal, in relation to any rights that involves the presented content, or even for moral and/or material damage caused to Heralds Foundation or a third party, in the terms of this authorization;

III) Recognizes that the Heralds Foundation Website should not be used for illicit ends;

  1. IV) Is conscious that they will not be able to insert any content or material susceptible of incorporate injurious elements in the Heralds Foundation Website, by any means or form, being able to prevent the normal performance of the Website, as well as damage the information systems of Heralds Foundation or of third party, or damage electronic documents and/or archives stored in them.


Collection, Treatment and Storage of Information

When the registry for the use of all the functionalities of the Site is made, Heralds Foundation will collect and store the information submitted actively by the User in the Site, as well as other information automatically generated, such as the characteristics of the device of access, browser, Internet protocol. (IP, with date and hour), requested information, screens to which they access, geolocation data, among others.

Heralds Foundation will be able to send correspondence, email, messages through SMS and/or through any application or social media, with suggestions of products to buy or request spontaneous donations for the works of Heralds Foundation, giving the User total freedom to make or not donations, through bank deposits, debit in account or other means to be advisable.

Heralds Foundation can also collect bank information and/or credit card information to process donations by the User, or for subscription purchases. All the information collected through the Heralds Foundation Website are regarded as confidential by Heralds Foundation, and it compromises to adopt the appropriate measures of security and to lend treatment and appropriate storage to the aforementioned information.

Also, the User recognizes that Heralds Foundation will be able to share the collected information with third parties, in the following cases:

  1. I) With companies and entities associated with Heralds Foundation, with publicitary, statistical ends, as well as others.
  2. II) To protect the interests of the Heralds Foundation, in any kind of conflict, including trials; or

III) By legal order or at request of the administrative authorities that have legal competence for its requesting.

Also, the User recognizes that the information collected by Heralds Foundation through the Site will be stored by Heralds Foundation in their own servers or servers of companies recruited to that end, making all the reasonable effort of the market to guarantee the security of the aforementioned systems in the custody of its information, between them the ones that comply with the guidelines about security standards stated in the legislation.

Also, Heralds Foundation will be able to collect information about the general use of the Site, with the purpose of knowing the frequency of use, the number of visits, between others, through Cookies, that are tiny archives of storage of information, in which are not included information about personal data, unless they have provided them, and not collect information registered in their computer.

Nevertheless, the User will be able to, at any time and at their disposal, request the correction and/or suppression of the data collected by the Heralds Foundation Website, except the information that should be stored by Heralds Foundation as a consequence of legal bounding, such as for example (but not limited to) registry of access, and should inform their intention to Heralds Foundation by email to  [email protected] 

Heralds Foundation compromises to make everything possible to attend to the request in the least possible time.

Also, the User recognizes that, even in the case of a request for erasing of information, Heralds Foundation will meet the minimum period of storage of information determined by the law.

Intellectual Property

Each of the texts, images, photographs, projects, data, planes, images, videos, illustrations, icons, technologies, links and other audiovisual or sounding content, included graphic drawings and source code of the Heralds Foundation Website, are exclusive property of Heralds Foundation or of third party that have yielded or licensed its respective materials to Heralds Foundation, being protected by laws and international agreements, its copy, reproduction or any other type of use is prohibited, leaving the offenders to civil penalty and the corresponding penal infractions.

The brands, commercial names or logotypes of any kind presented through the Heralds Foundation Website are property of Heralds Foundation or of the third party that allow its use, consequently the mere access, or login to the Website does not grant authorization for the User to quote the aforementioned brands, commercial names or logotypes.


Liability Disclaimer 

Without damage to the others exemptions of responsibility in these Terms, the User states being conscious that the Heralds Foundation will not be liable for:

  1. I) The unavailabilities, errors and/or failures eventually presented by the Heralds Foundation Website, including any fraud of the utility that the User could attribute to the Website, because of its fallibility or any difficulty of access that the User could face;
  2. II) Possible errors and/or inconsistency in the data transmission, as well as related with the quality or disponibility of internet connection, being able to prevent the appropriate reception of information from Heralds Foundation or the User;

III) Outdated, incomplete and/or false data that can be sent through the Heralds Foundation Website;

  1. IV) Using the Heralds Foundation Website in disagreement with the dispositions of these Terms;
  2. V) The damage and detriment of any kind as results of knowledge that can have non authorized third parties of the provided data, through the Heralds Foundation Website, by a failure related with the User or with third parties that escape from any reasonable control of Heralds Foundation.


Duration and Termination of Access

The Heralds Foundation Website is at disposition of the User for an indefinite time. However, Heralds Foundation will be able to, at any time, interrupt it, without need of prior notice to the User, except the rights of who had paid subscriptions.

Heralds Foundation will be able to also limit the access to the User to its Site, being able to deny it or suspend it, in case of suspicion of illicit or improper use, which can cause the exclusion of all the information provided by this, without any compensation or reparation for that account.


General Provisions

All the communications of the User to Heralds Foundation will be considered valid when they are performed by email: [email protected] 

On the other hand, all communications sent by Heralds Foundation will be considered as valid when they are performed by any of the contact information that the User provided in the Heralds Foundation Website, including (but not limited to) email, phone, mail, social media, apps and any other.

The User should be aware, however, that malicious third parties may forward emails requesting the provision of information by the same means, or the payment of bills of a different nature from the registration made under the Heralds Foundation Website, among other frauds. If this occurs, the User shall always pay attention to the sender’s data and promptly inform the Heralds Foundation.

Any clause or condition of these Terms that, for any cause, were considered as void or without effect by any Court or Tribunal, will not affect the validity of the other dispositions of these Terms, which will continue to be valid and bonding, producing effects in its maximum expression.

The fact that Heralds Foundation does not request any right or disposition of these Terms will not constitute a cancellation, which will be able to exercise regularly its right, within the legal terms.

These Terms can be modified at any time, as long as there does not exist a legal prohibition in that case, and the new version of this document will be valid the day of its publication on the Heralds Foundation Website. The User will only be notified of the change of the Terms if there exists the legal obligation to do so. Therefore, it is recommended that the User periodically check the content of these Terms, which are always available on the Site, making sure of having analyzed its updated version, with base of the indicated date at the end of the document.


Links to Other Sites 

Our platform may contain links to other apps, external websites, partners and/or sponsors, that can have privacy policies and terms of use different to ours, consequently they are bound to their own practices of collection and use of data. Keep in mind that if you provide personal information in other apps, websites, forums, or messaging services or chats, that information can be collected and used improperly by third parties.

The Heralds Foundation Website is not responsible for the content of the mentioned apps nor the handling of information by third parties. For this reason, we recommend that our Users always read the rules of a specific relationship and the privacy policy of the application or website of the partner or sponsor that collects their information.

The Privacy Policy of the Heralds Foundation Website is only applied to the information collected by the Heralds Foundation Website through the platform of the Heralds Foundation Website.


Digital Products Subscription Payment

The User can access the digital products made available on the Heralds Foundation Website through the platform HOTMART (hotmart.com) or others that can be used to that end. The aforementioned purchases are ruled by the terms of use and privacy policy of the respective platform, and will be available at: (https://hotmart.com/en/legal/purchase-terms


Legislation and Forum

This legal relation is governed by the laws of the United States of America, including the actions that arise from the non-compliance of its terms and conditions.

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