Understanding Old Testament History


This course will unravel the Old Testament, the ancient story of God and his people. Here, you will discover the secrets, the mysteries, and the wonders of the first part of the Bible, which prepares the way for Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. You will accompany the elect people of God in their multi-millenary existence and discover how they relate to your life and faith as a Catholic.


You will also learn about the historical and cultural context of the Old Testament and how it has been interpreted and applied by the Catholic Church. This course will help you deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Old Testament and how it reveals God’s love, justice, and faithfulness. Join us in this journey of studying the Old Testament, the story of salvation.

Br. Morgan Joseph Dunn


Br. Morgan Joseph Dunn was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on April 24th, 1995. During a pilgrimage journey to Brazil in 2014, God operated a transformation in his soul, calling him to the consecrated life. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to this calling, joyfully serving God as a member of the Heralds of the Gospel.


Currently engaged in the evangelizing activities of the Heralds, Br. Morgan holds canonical Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Theology.

Course Modules