Mary: Sanctuary of the Most Blessed Trinity

Course Summary


Do you really know who Mary is? Unfortunately, most Catholics do not…. This is because of a superficial understanding of the Mother of God since we are used to seeing her from “beneath” or, at best, from a “horizontal plane”.

Just as a city is better known when looked upon from the heights of a tower or some other natural vantage point, Our Lady herself is best observed from the highest possible “observatory”: her relations with each of the 3 Persons of the Holy Trinity! And this is what Fr. Joshua Sequeira E.P. strives for in this course.

The course, Mary: Sanctuary of the Most Blessed Trinity, is especially recommended to those who have already made their Consecration to Our Lady since it gives them more profound insights into the understanding of Our Blessed Mother.

Fr. Joshua Alexander Sequeira, EP Fr. Joshua Alexander Sequeira, EP

The great passion of Fr. Joshua Sequeira E.P. – during his missionary work in Brazil, Mozambique and Colombia, as in his theology classes to the candidates to priesthood – has always been the desire to communicate the joy of God’s love that he witnessed when in contact with his founder, Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias E.P. A native of Mumbai (India), Fr. Joshua is a doctor in Theology by the Pontificia Università San Tommaso d’Aquino (Angelicum-Rome), and currently lectures at the Instituto Teológico São Tomás de Aquino, besides coordinating different publications of the Heralds in English, and exercising an intense pastoral activity in the Parish of Our Lady of Graces (Caieiras, Brazil).



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