Mariology in Only Six Simple Steps

Course Summary

God had a secret and revealed it to His Blessed Mother through the Angel Gabriel: “The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived of the Holy Spirit.” God’s secret was, therefore, the Mystery of the Incarnation.

Now, Mary also has a secret, as St. Louis de Montfort teaches us, in his book “The Secret of Mary”.

If we want to understand this secret, it is necessary to have an intimacy with Our Lady. To do this, the author proposes six simple steps, divided into six lessons:

1st – Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces

2nd – Mary, Beloved Daughter of God the Father

3rd – Mary, Admirable Mother of God the Son

4th – Mary, Faithful Spouse of the Holy Spirit

5th – The Early Church, Pentecost and Our Lady

6th – The Death and Assumption of the Virgin Mary

First, we will discover, based on Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium, who is the “author” of devotion to Our Lady and how She, the Blessed Virgin Mary, mediates effectively among men.

Next, it is essential to reflect on Our Lady’s mysterious relationship with the three Persons of the Holy Trinity as She is part of the plan of Creation that God, in His goodness and omnipotence, conceived from all eternity.

Also, we will reflect on Mary’s role in the Early Church and at Pentecost. She is the Mother of the Church since she begot, by the work of the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, and also begot, with the cooperation of the same Spirit, the members of His Mystical Body. The Infant Church is, therefore, cradled in Mary’s arms during the early days.

Finally, it remains to be seen if, in fact, Mary died: how, when and where, considering that She was assumed into Heaven.

Mary wants to form new children of God, as she formed her Divine Son, since She is “God’s form,” that is, His mould. And in order to discover her secret, it is necessary to enter into an intimacy with Her.

Welcome to the Course: “Mariology in only six simple steps!”

Fr. Michael Joseph Carlson, EP Fr. Michael Joseph Carlson, EP

Fr. Michael Joseph Carlson consecrated himself to Our Lady in his youth through the method of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Monfort. He has a deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and has made his life a constant search for men and women who live the same dedication to Jesus through Mary's hands. As a good religious, always cheerful and good natured, Fr. Michael has been assigned by his superiors to carry out his apostolate in various places, beginning in the United States, his native land, and in several countries in Central America, South America, and Europe. His native language is English, but he speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently. He frequently comments on the daily liturgy on the Heralds of the Gospel YouTube Channel.

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